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The Concise English Concertina a tutor ...

This book aims to help players, whether beginners or with some experience, explore the full potential of the English concertina, both when playing tunes, and also as an instrument for song accompaniment. A number of examples are given, illustrating different treatments of tunes nd songs, and including a short section on exploring lesser used keys. Dick Miles has been a ofessional concertina player and singer for many years. He is well known on the English folk scene, and is now resident in Co. Cork Ireland, where he performs both solo and as a duo with Cathy Cook.

1. Rudiments of Music
2. Bellows and Fingering
3. Holding the instrument
4. Scales of e,G, and D major,
    followed by examples of
    tunes in those keys
11. Ornamentation, with examples
19. Song Accompaniment,
    followed by examples
29. Exploration of lesser used keys

"The best investment in
a music book I have ever made."
Tom C.

Song Accompaniment for English Concertina

I have included in this book eleven of my own favourite songs, which have proved popular with audiences over the years, with accompaniments for 48 key treble English concertina, with three examples of contrasting styles for the same song, Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy, Streams of Lovely Nancy, and Brigg Fair.

My reason for producing this book is to help people to develop ideas and their own style by showing the different techniques that I use, that they might learn initially by copying and then through listening to myself and others be able to analyse and develop their own individual styles.

I have tried to illustrate three fundamentally different approaches. 1. chordal style, 2. single line harmony, 3. melodic style, and occasionally examples that include more than one approach. These are of course not the only way, just my way, and I hope will be an inspiration to all to provide ideas so that you can develop your own style. How you accompany a song is of course a matter of taste, and what satisfies one person may annoy someone else.

This book is intended to be a follow up to the Concise English Concertina Tutor, and to be used in conjunction with it. I have included full verses to all the songs so it can be used as a song book as well. I have included a section on chord substitution which I hope may prove helpful. Between these two books I have included some sixteen songs.

I hope you enjoy them.

2. Introduction
3. Chord Substitution
5. Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy
8. Rounding the Horn
10. Bogie's Bonny Belle
12. Brigg Fair
14. Greenland Whale Fisheries
16. The Greenwood Laddie
18. Home to the Haven
20. Sailortown
22. The Seeds of Love
24. The streams of Lovely Nancy
28. Though I live not where I love


Dick Miles has a deep interest in traditional music and is also a respected songwriter. Here for the first time is a complete collection of his own songs, reflecting various influences, including the legends and history of Suffolk, where he spent some years, the unspoilt beauty of West Cork, Ireland, where he now lives, and most particularly songs of the sea, ranging from songs illustrating the hardships of fishermen's lives to the more frivolous Sailor's Dream.

Dick is well known from his appearances at folk clubs and folk and maritime festivals, and is an accomplished singer and concertina player.

1. Around the Harbour Town
2. The Bantry Bay Song
3.The Battle of Bosworth Song
4. Crossed Lines
5. The Curse of Hoxne Bridge
6. Eighteen Year jack
7. Farewell My friends
8. Home to the Haven
9. Jack the Lad
10. Mexborough Memories
11. The Pakefield Parson
12. The Sailor's Dream
13. Sailortown
14. The Singer and the Song
15. The Spring Lane Polka
16.The Swaffham Tinker
17. Sweetheart of the East
18. The Wages of Death