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  1. Bravo Dick, A good web page. I wish you much success with it. Cheers, Roy Harris

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  3. my new phone number is 027 62916

  4. Dick Miles

    3rd May 2019: Hadleigh Folk & Acoustic Club: Val & Simon opened with a couple of enjoyable tune sets, followed by Steve who had blagged a couple of songs which were 'old school' and fine, (He does that at Everyman also).The balance of the first half and featured guest served to remind Bill why he has hitherto declined to step into the pool of SOBWG's (look it up on Terence Blacker's YT), who are numerously competitive in seeking venues to play trophy guitars in various combinations, and taking themselves altogether too seriously. Nonetheless that is the pool into which Sh?ed seemingly seeks to step! Fortunately Dick Miles redeemed the evening with an engaging and intimate set of well known songs, beautifully sung and accompanied, and with which people immediately felt able and inclined to participate in chorus, and verse if known. No cajoling necessary. Fantastic stagecraft, (seemed effortless), and saved the evening. (We had almost given up at half time